Our Products

1 Knowing the level of satisfaction of people in your establishment.

2 Do research on satisfaction through agent streets.

3 Make satisfaction research in lectures and auditoriums.

4 Make online satisfaction survey via email.

Clock work and a product to record hours worked inside or outside your company. Through a register of all ClockLabor employees records inputs, outputs and breaks through the password registration, photo capture and biometric reader developer for use by companies with fixed work, it can also record entries, exits and breaks for outdoor work through Smartphone Android or Iphone, reaping its coordinates when logging their activities. Through the portal it is possible to issue reports with several useful filters, graphics and pointers activities.

LIST BRAZIL, has a database with various professional and trade in general that has Brazilian / Portugeses working or prestao their services, so that users can in a fast and simple way to find what you need.

Patient scheduling the reception. Patient scheduling the online site. Service group. Medical consultation schedule the Web - Online. CEP search by address. Patient registration with photo webcam. Service status. Payment receipts. Access control to users. Control Formularios Patient waiting time customized for your clinic. Certificates printed. Revenue printed. Query control. Emissions of various receipts. Test Control.

WorkWay, development systems are specifically applied according to demand, and may be developing Desktop and Mobile