What is Bloo Tv?

"BLOO TV" came to innovate CORPORATE communication between the customer and the company, an exclusive channel to promote their products, right vehicle for communication of your company.

How it works ?

Through animated images and corporate videos, your product will be seen with new eyes.
• Every 1 hour are transmitted 360 images of 10 seconds each.
Every 1 hour are transmitted 60 videos of 30 seconds each.
• Every 10 hours (600 minutes)
5 hours images (300 minutes) 5 hours of video (300 Minutes)
the 300 minutes for images relating 5am
 1800 images per day
the 300 minutes for videos related 5am
 600 videos a day
• Each device and supported 120 images and 40 videos that are repeated in your routine.

Technical Equipment

• TV 32 inch
• Flexible Support for wall
• Integrated Device and approved HDMI

Begins on Bloo Tv

It is necessary that the establishment has wireless internet signal (wireless) and an available power outlet for the equipment, though its operation is not necessary to use 100% of the Internet because it works with local database on the device, but to send logged data and update advertisements need the internet.
The database is in the iCloud System (Servers in the Clouds) and can be accessed from anywhere on any device.
Restaurants, pizzeria, bakeries, clinics, gyms, butchers, Hall and various branch
The equipment can be purchased for individual or collective use. through the account are sent their advertisements can be local or ditribuida between Bloo TV network