Particular food and derivative delivery system.
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How it works ?

Through the application, you will receive notifications of orders from the merchants, being able to accept or not the order to make the delivery.
Several registered traders are registered in certain regions, and several registered dealers for each region of the traders

What equipment does it work ?

We work with any iphone and Android device.

Bloolivery, right solution for fast deliveries

BLOOLIVERY is a solution for private delivery, where it is not necessary to be in a physical location, waiting for the order to be ready to be delivered. The Deliverer can stay anywhere with his mobile device, being online, receiving notifications from various merchants requesting to be delivered to his customers, The System resends the nearest deliverer of the requested merchant, bringing more speed and patience in the delivery of their products
The Merchant, makes all the launches through an administrative panel, bringing all control of the deliveries values and estimated time, for a better quality in the delivery of its products
Any type of company that makes the service of deliveries, with the main food: Restaunt, pizzeria, snack bars, coffee shops, bakeries and several others
It is not necessary any type of fees for the delivery person to register, only the commitment is requested so that the service can be done with speed, prudence and quality