What is BLOOEATS ?

BLOOLIVERY and Product INNOVATIVE control in the issue of working hours of its employees.
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How it works ?


What equipment does it work ?

BLOOEATS and compatible with SmartPhone with Android operating system and iPhone, Tablet 7-inch Android.

Clock starts on Labor

BLOOEATS and a product to record hours worked inside or outside your company. Through a register of all ClockLabor employees records inputs, outputs and breaks through the password registration, photo capture and biometric reader developer for use by companies with fixed work, it can also record entries, exits and breaks for outdoor work through Smartphone Android or Iphone, reaping its coordinates when logging their activities. Through the portal it is possible to issue reports with several useful filters, graphics and pointers activities
BLOOLIVERY INTERNAL: Company that all your records are made in Fixed locations through a Tablet. BLOOLIVERY EXTERNAL: Company that all your records are made at various locations through of smartphones.
BLOOLIVERY Market: Restaurants, Pizzerias, bakeries, shops, supermarkets, Clinics, Hospitals and Trade in General                                              Labor clock External: Construction, of Affiliates: cleanup, paintings and other activities that its employees lot of work in various locations and services Home Oficce.
BLOOLIVERY and charged an annual maintenance by registered users for external and internal use, where the administrator will have all control via web of all its employees.