Generating results Technology.

A company formed by professionals for over 14 years in the Information Technology market.

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Electronic System Evaluation and Propaganda in World level

Bloo Tv

Bloo TV; came to innovate CORPORATE communication between the customer and the company, an exclusive channel to promote their products, right vehicle for communication of your company.

Clock Labor

Hours worked control system for internal use and external used for any type of trade as: Restaurant, Pizzeria, Bakery and Other beyond the professionals.

Bloo Eats

Online food request application, closest to you.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. - Steve Jobs

About Us

Protec is a company specializing in information technology, has a team of consultants, programmers and highly skilled analysts and ready to meet and transfer all their know-how to its customers.

"It makes sense to look back and think: should have done this or that, should have been there. It does not matter. Let's invent tomorrow, and stop worrying about the past. ".

Steve Jobs


Create search campaigns, generating evaluation code, with which your client can vote on his own cell phone.

4 Question

Make your announcement on our equipment spread throughout Brazil and the United States.

Bloo Tv

Control of hours through phones for external work and tablet for internal companies.

Clock Labor